Every living creature on earth dies alone... (sweetradgedy) wrote,
Every living creature on earth dies alone...

fuccn opera upstairs

So I did really well on my Economics test, which turned out to be a fucking like crossword puzzle because Ms Musto is delusional. Can I express one more time my love for Senior year? 29 out of 40 on my Math quiz that I didn't study for and only had 20 minutes to do because we had a damn fire drill. Not bad lol. School today wasn't bad. Until I started bugging out 8th period in Ms K's resource lol. But before that in lunch we had a fun time. With the knife...and the chicken...and Julie suddenly being so smart lol. Had a long talk with J-nichs 8th period about stuff. Mostly about unecessary comments. We ran into every bathroom in the school but my phone had no service so we just called Abed in class lol. Fun stuff. Krazy glued a metro card to my cheek in Select Chorus because, yet again I was buggin lol. It was cool until I hadda rip it off and then my face hurt. Met up with Abed, Nick, and Polyo afterschool and wondered around for like 20 minutes, then went home. Cathy is here so I'm going out with no hassle woot. I think Jackie's getting dropped off here and then we're venturing into the unknown..so call if you want =)

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